No one likes to get into the hands of unprofessional business brokers.

The big question now is, how do you select a great business broker and what warning signs you should look out for.

The essential thing to do when looking for a broker is to choose the one you can trust.

To choose the right business broker, you need to know what makes a trustworthy broker different from the rest.

So let’s get down to business.

1). Make sure the business broker you’re going to use has the right paperwork. Paperwork such as insurance, licensed, or a registered member of that industry is essential.

2). Let the broker tell you what you’re going to make from your investment. Working with a broker who will explain in detail every dime you will make is a good sign.

3). Guess what? Not every broker wants to sell your business. That’s right… Some only care about their listing fee. So to make sure you avoid such brokers, ask for their brokers list to sell ratio.

4). Always make sure you review all the terms in whatever agreement you are asked to sign.

Waiting for a few days or seeking a second opinion is never a bad idea. If your broker is trying to pressure you, then that is not a good sign.


In every profession, you will always find the shonky ones, and the business brokerage industry is not different.

The fantastic news is that it’s easy to find the one you can trust, as long as you follow our few steps, ask questions, and do your research.